July 6th
A Room Change!  
Due to flooring refinishing on the entire 1st floor of Edgehill Mansion, Dharma Eye will meet for meditation, tea/treats and dharma offering in the Sienna Room where we usually meet for tea break.  The front door will be closed but a door to the back staircase will be open this one night.  There will not be zabuton/zafu available but there will be plenty of comfortable chairs, sofas, etc for meditation.  Kinhin will circle around the 2nd floor followed by a brief service, tea and Lee deBarros will visit with a dharma offering.  All in the Sienna Room!  If you have questions, contact Christine: or
Half Day Sitting
Saturday, July 18

8:15am - 12:30pm
St. Benincasa Chapel
Edgehill Mansion
Dominican University
Lead by Tom Millard
and Christine Palmer

Dharma Eye invites all members and friends an opportunity to stop and enjoy a silent morning of meditation.  A peaceful time to experience your complete life.....'Just This.'  Come for the entire Half Day or for as much as your schedule allows.  There will be several periods of sitting and walking meditation.  Mid morning there will be a tea/treat break.  Practice Discussion will be available with Tom and Christine.  This is a new offering by Dharma Eye and we look forward to receiving feedback from all who attend. 
$10 Donation is very much Appreciated. 

June 30 Book Discussion:
When Things Fall Apart
July 6 Lee DeBarros
July 13 Christine Palmer
July 20 Tom Millard
July 27 Retreat Night
No Gatherings this month.
We will resume gathering Sept 7 TBA

July 18th
Half Day Sitting 
8:15am Arrive & set-up
8:30 Robe Chant/Zazen
9:00 Kinhin
9:10 Zazen
9:40 Kinhin
9:50 Zazen,
optional outdoor zazen
10:20 Tea, treats & break
11:10 Zazen
11:40 Kinhin
11:50 Zazen
12:15 Refuges
12:25 Cleanup & Depart